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Unclogging blocked toilets

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We all are aware about the dreadful situation when the toilet gets clogged, those types of problems occur in almost every residential and commercial building. It is because of unawareness and negligence in maintaining the toilets properly. Flushing foreign objects is the primary reason for a clogged toilet. Moreover,

Toilets get clogged up because of following reasons:

  1. Flushing of Cleaning Wipes, toilet paper, napkins etc. 
  2. Faulty flapper in the flush valve.
  3. Throwing waste water after washing utensils.
  4. Excessive use of Baking soda, vinegars etc.
  5. Clogged S-Trap
  6. Clogged sewer inspection chambers or manholes.
  7. Deposits of debris and minerals build up in the toilet bowl.
  8. Unmaintained pipe level (slope) from toilets to drain line.
  9. Main sewer line blockage.
  10. Septic tanks are full.
  11. Back flow of wastewater in the sewer pipes & toilets during heavy rain.

Such problems result in slow draining of water or complete blockage. When the toilet is clogged ( toilet jam), you should take immediate action to prevent more damage. You can hire a professional and affordable toilet jam cleaner in Nepal or try some home remedies to unblock toilets yourself at home.

Some simple techniques for unclogging toilets at home is by pumping  with  a plunger, using toilet blockage removal liquids, chemicals and powders like acids, vinegars, baking soda etc. Don't forget to use baking soda and vinegar with Hot Water. Fortunately if it's minor blockage sometimes it will work. But in most cases, it will lead to more disastrous complications if those chemicals are used in excessive amounts or there is another underlying cause for the severe blockage. It may lead you to problems that can cost you more. So, one should always consult the expert whenever your toilets are jammed. Never try to unblock toilet jam with a stick or iron rods. The Toilet bowl can easily be broken with a hard blow.

Now you know the cause and the problems of clogged toilets, it’s better not to let that happen. So here are a few simple steps you can follow to keep your toilets functioning smoothly. 

Ways to prevent toilet blockage.

  1. Flushing the toilet often with plenty of water.
  2. Keep the lids closed.
  3. Do not throw any foreign objects in the toilet.
  4. Prevent throwing sanitary pads, wipes, excessive toilet papers inside the toilet bowl. Try having dustbins near toilets for disposing of such materials. 
  5. Cleaning the toilet bowl with baking soda and vinegar  to prevent Built-up lime scales and minerals layer due to the use of hard water.
  6. Cleaning sewage inspection chambers every 6 months.
  7. Use a soft scrub cleaner to remove dirt or stain from the toilet.

Furthermore, when the toilets are constantly having blockages or slow draining problems even after applying different home remedies, one should hire trained professionals immediately. So if you are searching for a toilet unblocking and drain pipes cleaning plumbers near me, then you have come to the right place.

We provide following services to keep your toilet in perfect working condition:

  1. Cleaning toilets (toilet safai sewa).
  2. Clearing  kitchen sinks blockage. 
  3. Unclogging shower drain blockage. 
  4. Fixing the leakage from toilets and sinks.
  5. Installation of new commodes and pan toilets.
  6. Repairing and maintenance of damaged or old toilets.
  7. Unclogging toilet blockage (commodes, pan, urinal bowls).
  8. Septic tanks cleaning and emptying

We are capable of solving all sorts of severe blockages of sewer pipes, drain and toilets. You can have FREE CONSULTATION for a toilet blockage solution by calling us right now. Also, with our Experienced Professionals you can always rely on services. We even make regular follow-ups after your First Service with Us. Helping you with your problem has always been our first and foremost objective. SafaGhar provides the  most reliable and trustworthy experts of Cleaning and Unblocking Toilets and Drain in Nepal. We use special kits and techniques to unblock toilets as per the steps we need to take after site inspection.


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