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Carpet is a type of covering made out of wool, synthetic fiber, and polyester that we use on floors of the home to ensure both safety and comfort. It in some cases is also used as a piece of decor. Usually, when we talk about carpet, it ends up being the most used item due to their involvement in our lives. Hence we must understand that keeping them clean and sanitary is one of the essential duties of a homeowner. However, it isn’t practical for everyone to be involved in the cleanliness and sanitation of a Carpet as it is a hectic task.

And that’s what SafaGhar is here for, we are one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Nepal that specialize in both surface and deep cleaning of the carpet. We use eco-friendly synthetics and naturally made chemicals and equipment to make rugs, carpets and galaicha present in your houses and offices look spotless. If you are looking for an efficient and trustworthy carpet cleaning organization you’ve definitely come to the right place.

The life expectancy of a carpet is more than 10 years but it can only be optimized properly if we take proper care of them. Carpets present in homes and offices should be cleaned regularly through the methods of vacuuming or washing. And the regularity of carpet cleaning usually depends on the carpet’s location or usage. In the event that a carpet is frequently used and is placed in a public space, it must be cleaned and vacuumed once a week, if the carpet is in a private area and is used comparatively less it should only be vacuumed once every two weeks. To keep the carpet in its best condition it is recommended to get it cleaned by professionals once or twice a year. Assuming that the members smoke inside your home occasionally, or have little kids along with pets it is advised to clean the carpet professionally at least 3-4 times a year.


Process of carpet Cleaning


Soil, dirt, grime, dust, and unwanted moisture in carpet is one of the leading cause of various skin allergies or sensitivity issues. You must clean the carpets, galaicha present in your house regularly for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, our experts at SafaGhar are always here to help if you require an administration that provides both commercial and residential carpet cleaning services.

The carpet cleaning process is truly simple and basic, first and foremost our specialists at SafaGhar will investigate your carpet and eliminate the specks of dust present in it at a surface level. The elimination is done through power vacuuming. Then a scrubber machine is used to scrub off the hard irresistible stain present in it. Likely a wet vacuum is utilized to suck off the moisture present in carpets and the carpet is left for drying for a few hours.


Our experts precisely and critically view the carpets present in your homes or offices to determine the issues and problems with them. After that, they apply eco-friendly synthetics and use chemicals to assure the tidiness of the carpet in the cleaning process. Here different stains are treated with different compounds.

Soil Extraction and Rinse:

The build-up of dirt formed in the carpet which can’t be removed by Vacuuming is taken care of in this process. Here those stains and build-up are removed by dirt extraction and flushing methods. Scouring is also applied in the end to ensure optimum quality in both drying and cleaning procedures.

Pre-Scrubbing & vacuuming:

Pre-scrubbing and vacuuming deal with getting rid of bugs and microbes present in the carpet. This is the final step where the carpet regains its shine and all the unwanted products from it are removed. Both steaming and drying also fall under this.



If you are looking for quality carpet cleaning services that are affordable and systematic SafaGhar is the right place to address your issues. We assure you of both cleaning and sanitation through our cleaning services. If you wanna get your carpets cleaned professionally get in touch with us today.

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