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House and Commercial Cleaning Services

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Do you remember how long it has been since you correctly cleaned your living place? And do you remember the number of times you tried to thoroughly clean and sanitize corners and unreachable areas? Many cleaning companies recommend people to clean their office spaces daily to make them last longer and look fresher. It's also suggested to deep clean office spaces at least four times a year so it'll always have a fresh smell and be well sanitized.

Your business means a lot to you. It's a professional place for yourself as well as your workers. You need to guarantee you're giving a protected, clean, and sound work environment. Keeping your business perfect and disinfected is a higher priority than any other time. From establishing a special first connection to forestalling the spread of sickness, clean office space is an incredible investment. As an entrepreneur, you have many worries and obligations. You presumably lack the opportunity and energy to stress over-cleaning. All things being equal, let the experts handle the work. Thus, to guarantee a clean and sanitized office space, canteens, restrooms, kitchen, halls, and furnishings, SafaGhar provides people with professional House cleaning and commercial cleaning service in Kathmandu Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and some districts nearby Kathmandu Valley.

On the off chance that you are looking for a commercial cleaning organization based in Kathmandu, you have come to the right place! Hence at SafaGhar, we provide people with affordable and quality commercial cleaning services. Our specialists with the correct information regarding cleaning equipment, abilities, preparation, and experience exhibit thoughtful planning and procedure in dealing with each work. Our specialists utilize different instruments and strategies to sterilize and sanitize your living place. We offer a custom cleaning facility for your house and office space so that you can pick up the services you require the most. Deep cleaning and appropriate upkeep of your furniture is our specialty.


Why is Commercial cleaning necessary?

An ideal cleaned office space restricts the spread of contamination. It lifts the prosperity of workers overwhelmingly, which brings about the development of productivity while similarly lessening non-attendance. Janitorial services like surface cleaning, bathroom cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization methods can help end the spread of microorganisms. Guests will have an excellent underlying sensation of your office if it is well cleaned and adequately maintained.

SafaGhar can ensure a healthy work environment and lessen the spread of infection that can grow non-participation and lower proficiency. We base on vast and little things to keep your working environments flawless, cleaned, and freed from microorganisms, restricting the spread of ailment. A beautiful and well-sanitized office space sends your clients a message that you care about the quality of work and fruitfully impact your clients' moods. Plus, clean restrooms, sparkling floors, well-furnished offices, and meeting rooms subsequently increase productivity among workers.


The house and office cleaning process are very tedious and requires hard work, dedication, and sharp concentration. Our office cleaners are expertly prepared through our board certifies training program. By recruiting our cleaning administration, you should rest assured that your office will be perfect and spotless, leaving your extra energy to zero solely on business.

Going for the House and commercial cleaning service provided by SafaGhar is one of the most effective ways a person gets to witness their place of living looking like a new one. Our experts can clean the deepest stains and marks through deep cleaning and use different synthetics and chemicals to carbonate and lift the microbes, dust, and dirt off of various places of your office so that you enjoy a clean and sanitized office space.


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