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Plumbing and pipe fittings

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Pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, and tanks  control the flow of water  in Homes, Offices, Commercial Sectors. Plumbing is the system designed for the proper flow of water. Pipes joints should be managed together and observed while placing the layout in homes or any other places.  If not managed properly the leakages on the home and building can cost a fortune.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to maintain the fixings of the pipes and tanks. For the long life of paints, plasters in typical homes. Leakages can always decrease the lifespan of  pipes. Underground pipe fittings in homes are usually chased by this kind of problem. 

Plumbers are professionals who are trained and experienced with plumbing works. The work they do, normal individuals can’t. With reliable expertise, one can stay at ease in their homes. But if the plumbing is not done correctly and properly, those property owners are haunted by the problems they can’t even imagine.

It is crucial to design the plumbing system by understanding the layout of the place where you will be fitting it. After designing it should be placed accordingly. It can be done only by professionals who understand every problem related to pipes. 


The most common problems seen with the problem of pipes are as follow: -

  1. Wall discolouration
  2. Leaking sound
  3. Musty smell
  4. Bubble like structure in walls 
  5. Bulging Wallpapers
  6. And many more.

Usually, the problems like these occur due to various reasons as follows: -

  1. Foundation shifts, when house architecture is changed even a bit, it can tamper the laid pipes.
  2. High water pressure, in pipes, can cause outbursts.
  3. Tree roots, growing near the pipes and buildings can toggle the changes in placements.
  4. Corrosion, the rusty pipes can leak. old pipes rust resulting in cracks and breaking.
  5. Temperature changes, the sudden temperature change of water flowing in the pipes. Can cause outbursts and leaks.

SafaGhar, one of the leading Cleaning agencies that has been providing the Plumbing service for a decade. Striving to provide the best service in this cleanliness, repair and maintenance sector. With the expertise trained to deliver quality service. We use the necessary equipment like: -


  1. Pipe wrench
  2. Basin wrench
  3. Adjustable wrench
  4. Faucet key

Pipe Work

  1. Hacksaw
  2. Tube and plastic pipe cutters
  3. Plumber’s torch
  4. Thread sealing tape
  5. Pliers
  6. Press fitting systems

Clearing clogs

  1. Plungers
  2. Hand Auger
  3. Snake Machine

 Safety first

  1. Goggles
  2. Gloves
  3. Heat shields/pads

Other essentials

  1. PEX pipe expander & fittings
  2. Crimpers
  3. Stubby screwdriver
  4. Borescope 

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