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Water tanks cleaning

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There is no doubt that reserved water in underground tanks and rooftop tanks has helped homeowners with their daily chores.

Such water on long storage is susceptible to various diseases and causes corrosion to your water tank.

Don't worry because there are easy solutions to these problems. For that, you should clean the water tank regularly and maintain it. SafaGhar is a team of trained professionals which specializes in Keeping your water storage tanks in clean and hygienic condition.

We will help you do it. All you need is to contact us. 

Why do you need a Water Tanks Cleaning Service?

Water is essential to every being. Biologically our human body constitutes about 60% water of our actual body weight. 

Keeping this into consideration, consumption of healthy drinking water reduces the risk of many health problems.

You know that polluted water is an excellent host to microorganisms that causes diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery. 

But most homeowners are unaware of the fact that reservoirs can accumulate dust, dirt, debris, rust, corrosion, sludge, and numerous types of bacteria over time. 

It will eventually lead the tanks to leak. It can also pollute the water and can cause diseases. 

Moreover, water flow is also jammed and can cause slow water in your showers and taps.

How can you be safe?

  1. Getting experts to inspect and clean with special equipment and materials with qualified technicians.
  2. Water tanks in your home should always be cleaned in 3 to 6 months, depending on your water source. Water is clean in a clean reservoir.
  3. Clean it yourself with proper guidance from your family member. (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Can you do it Yourself?

Yes, apart from the particular and reliable solution of cleaning with expertise, you can clean yourself. 

After all, it's you who is authorized to decide. But the risk is higher if you do it yourself.

Because the way you clean is not safe. 

You can enter inside your tank with equipment like scrub, brushes, a mug, a bucket and clean with your own hands covering the valves so that waste will not go to your pipes. 

But you also know you wouldn't be sure if your tank is clean 100%. So it is recommended to hire a cleaning agency who will make it. 

They are experts, so they know the techniques for cleaning the tanks. They have equipment that will clean your tanks 100 %. 

The most important thing is they have experience. 


Why Choose Us?

  1. We have been helping homeowners to keep their tanks clean and safe for a healthy lifestyle for decades.
  2.  With our expertise, you can stay at ease.
  3. In this competitive market, we are providing quality services at an affordable cost.  
  4. Once hired, we will do regular follow-ups to remind you about cleaning your water tanks. We understand that the longer the dirty tanks will be expensive to clean.
  5. We ensure your satisfaction by delivering high-standard facilities with safe and effective quality tools and techniques. 
  6. We always prefer Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions.


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