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Toilet Cleaning and Unblocking service Nepal

Your home's toilet and restrooms are used a lot throughout the week, and keeping filth and buildup under control can be difficult while adjusting to family and work obligations. Safa Ghar cleaning administrations can assist you with keeping an unblemished washroom while permitting you an opportunity to partake in the things that make the biggest difference.

Toilet and restrooms are important for the bundle when you put resources into routine housekeeping administrations from Safa Ghar. Our devoted experts will clean your washroom from start to finish, including eliminating spider webs from room corners and washing or vacuuming floors. Cleaning administrations in every washroom will hold soil and microorganisms back from gathering on towel racks, tissue holders, blinds, windowsills, entryways, door jambs, and, surprisingly, your baseboards.



Toilet cleaning and unblocking service


Our Company has been managing the issues of latrine cleaning and unblocking in Nepal for a long time. Our very experienced cleaners can undoubtedly recognize the issues in your Toilet or Drain pipes and unblock them immediately. Correspondingly, we are equipped to develop new waste frameworks, sewage chambers, sewer vents, and restrooms and introduce channel pipes. We offer our cleaning administrations to Residential and Commercial areas, Hospitals, Schools, Apartments, and Factories. So, if you are searching for an expert cleaning organization in Nepal to Unblock and clean toilets and restrooms, then you should recruit us. We offer Emergency Toilet and Drain Unblocking service 24/7. We guarantee you a perfect cleaning administration in that case.

Our Professional Toilet Cleaner is equipped for Unblocking a wide range of Toilet jams, shower channels, and kitchen sink blockage. We clean your messy latrines with different latrine cleaning synthetic substances to eliminate all soil and stains to make them sparkle like new. We likewise fix the broken latrines, drapes, and taps and flush and introduce the new ones assuming substitution is required.

Safa Ghar completely cleans all surfaces through the washroom as a feature of our housekeeping administration. This incorporates cleaning down window sills, baseboards, and blinds, and that's just the beginning. Our specialists scour and eliminate cleanser filth from your shower, tub, tiles, and many more. Then, we center around the sink by cleaning down the vanity, mirror, and ledges to eliminate all water spots, toothpaste, and development. Maybe, in particular, we clean the whole latrine all around. We wrap up by vacuuming bath mats and wiping the restroom floor to eliminate hair, debris, and residue; we even put in any work by cleaning fixtures, channel covers, and towel holders.


An additional portion of our washroom cleaning administrations include:


  • Cleaning and washing sinks and showers
  • Eliminating built-up residues 
  • Sanitizing toilet bowl all around
  • Sanitization cleaning on hard surfaces
  • Cleaning lights and installations
  • Cleaning down vanity and mirrors




At Safa Ghar, we aim to assist you with keeping your homes perfect and sanitized; whether that implies cleaning your washroom or furnishing you with restroom cleaning, we will take it all under control once you recruit us. We at Safa Ghar completely understand that your time is valuable. Among work and children and steady-going around, scouring latrines and cleaning mirrors isn't precisely how you need to spend your ends of the week. Contact Safa Ghar at the comfort of your house to examine a custom toilet cleaning plan that is perfect for your timetable and financial plan.


Kathmandu, Nepal



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