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Sewer and Drain cleaning

a man unblocking sewage drain by hydro jetting

Drains are pipes that carry wastewaters to the place of disposal. Every building has a network pipe designed to flow wastewater flawlessly. Usually, the drain pipes are connected to the inspection chambers constructed in the boundary of homes and buildings. Sewage Inspection chamber is a junction where all the drain pipes from the toilet, kitchen sink, shower, bathtub etc meet. Hence, from the inspection chamber drains from all homes and buildings connected to a sewer system.

Sewer is usually defined as the underground pipe structure which carries sewage in high volume to the place of disposal or treatment plant. Many times blockage occurs in the sewer and drains. It then leads to a tragic situation. Overflow of the dirty water, slow sinking, and many other problems will occur because of it.

The sewer and drains may be blocked due to the following reasons:

  1. From collapsed drain pipes while maintaining roads, fitting drinking water pipes, underground wiring of telephone and electricity lines.

  2. Debris, mud, plastics and other objects entering from unmanaged pipe connections, manhole and roadside drains.

  3. Built-up debris, grease, fats, oils etc.

  4. Intrusion of tree roots in the sewer pipes and manhole

  5. Muds and sand collected by rats



Mostly the Joints, T-Sections and Bends are the points in the network where these clogging happens. Sewers usually overflow because of the jam, causing them to outburst and fill the surroundings with wastewater and sewage. Fixing these problems can be a tedious task for any property owner. Usually, people try to clean sewage drains with plungers, sometimes with hot water with caustic soda, baking soda and vinegar to unclog it. Sometimes it is fixed by such tricks but most of the time the problem is likely to stay. Sewer blockages are more complicated. Trying to consult with the experts is the easy way.

SafaGhar is an expert with these kinds of problems. We have been providing professional sewer and drain unblocking services for a decade in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts. With the professionals trained to deliver the quick and effective assistance of sewer drain systems, many property owners are satisfied with the guaranteed results.

We provide the following services to keep your sewer and drain system working in excellent condition :

  1. Drainage cleaning and unblocking.
  2. Sewage pipes cleaning.
  3. Inspection chamber and manhole cleaning.
  4. Unclogging main sewer lines by Hydro jetting.
  5. Construction of sewerage systems.
  6. Installation of new drain pipes.
  7. Unclogging all sorts of toilet, drain and sewer pipes.
  8. Maintenance of drainage and sewerage systems.
  9. Septic tanks pumping and maintenance.


The actual cost of sewage drain cleaning (dhal safai) can be estimated only after the site inspection. It depends upon the severity of the blockage. Price of unblocking toilets, kitchen sink, shower drain and bathtub also depends upon other factors like the effort to be done, tools and equipment to be used, number of labours required and time taken. The Cost of Cleaning main sewer line blockage is more in comparison to simple blockages inside the premises of residential buildings. 

If you are searching for the Best Sewer and Drain Cleaners near me then, we are here to solve all your drain related issues. Safaghar provides experienced sewer drain cleaners (dhal safa garne manchhe) in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur districts. We also provide emergency plumbing services to unblock and repair your drain (dhal marmat) and replace damaged pipes. We are a team of trained professionals who can make your sewerage systems, main drain and outside drain work in smooth condition by cleaning and unclogging with necessary chemicals, tools and machines.

As time has passed and the network of drainage and sewers are carrying more water and sewages than ever, leading to more complex problems. You can be saved with our help. With constantly upgrading technologies, we are delivering the services with high-end equipment like the high pressure hydro jetting machine. SafaGhar never compromises the Procedures for an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system. We also offer safety tank cleaning services inside Kathmandu Valley and nearby Districts. Additionally, SafaGhar provides you with standard, reliable and trustworthy toilet, sewage and drainage cleaners In Nepal. Because of which all owners are staying at ease by getting guaranteed quality cleaning services. 



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